Hurricane Info

Hurricanes & Your Pet


Hurricane season 2016 will be here soon! It is time to make sure that you are prepared for your pets in case of a hurricane. There are many things you should make sure you have together for your pet’s safety.

Have your pet micro-chipped as a permanent identification in case they were to get lost or separated from you during a disaster. Microchips have saved thousands of lives & aided in reuniting many pets after past hurricanes. The main thing to remember once you have a microchip implanted into your pet is that they are only as good as the information that you keep on file with the microchip company. I recommend keeping multiple phone numbers including numbers from family & friends that are out of town on file. After Hurricane Charley in 2004, we found it difficult to get in touch with owners of rescued pets that did not have out of town numbers on file since many home phones & cell towers were not working for a while after the storm. Also make sure your numbers are updated yearly prior to hurricane season or after any changes.

Decide in advance what you plan to do with your pets in case you need to evacuate. We will be open for boarding for our current clients during a hurricane since our facility was built to withstand a hurricane as well as having 24 hour staff during the hurricanes, your pet will be safe with us.
Make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and you have a copy of those records in case of emergency evacuation. (Most shelters will require a copy of this)

Assemble a Pet Hurricane & ID kit for each of your pets & place it in a waterproof package. Its should contain:
Microchip information & number
Medications that your pet may need for at least 2 weeks with instructions on dosing
Vaccination records/Rabies License & Contact Information of your Veterinarian
Recent photo of you and your pet together as proof of ownership
Carrier or crate large enough for a pet to stand & move around inside
Food & water bowls
Towels, pillows, blankets & toys or anything that may make your pet more comfortable
Enough food & water for your pet for at least 3-4 days along with non-electric can opener if you are bringing canned food
Collar w/ tags & leash
Kitty litter & small litter box for cats; paper towels & plastic baggies for waste disposal

**Make sure all of the above items are labeled with your pet’s first & last name to aid in identification.

As you can see, planning ahead is the key to a successful reunion with your pet after the storm has passed.

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