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Boarding & Daycare

Your pet's home away from home.

Located in Plant City, Timberlane Pet Hospital & Resort offers pet boarding for cats and dogs so you can enjoy peace of mind while you're away.

At Timberlane Pet Hospital & Resort, we know the importance of finding the perfect boarding facility. We are dedicated to making your pet's vacation as comfortable and satisfying as possible and we promise to take care of your furry friend as if they were our own.

All our guests are fed high quality Royal Canin pet food. Owners can bring food from home for our guests with special nutritional needs or sensitive stomachs. Bedding is also included, but you may provide personal bedding and toys if you choose.

Our ability to meet the grooming and medical needs of your pet while boarding, such as exams, teeth cleaning and lab work, sets us apart from many other boarding facilities. Medications can be given to our guests upon request for anyone with special needs.

Additional daily playtimes can be scheduled for a small additional fee. You can choose from a variety of one-on-one activities depending on your pet. From active play like ball catching to a peaceful, easy stroll or cuddle, each guest is given undivided personal attention. And, of course, lots of petting is always included.

Any pets found to have fleas or ticks will be treated with Capstar for a nominal fee upon entering our facility. This will prevent any fleas or ticks from entering our facility which will help to keep your pet as healthy as possible during its stay with us.

Please feel free to fax your pet's vaccine history to us at 813-754-1670 prior to arrival. We look forward to your pet's vacation!

Pet Accommodations

Canine Queen & King Suites

A stay in one of our two types of deluxe, glass-front, indoor suites includes access to our outdoor, grassy exercise area three times a day. Guests rest on soft comforters while enjoying the natural lighting that our many windows provide. A soothing bath will be available at 50% off our regular price to all dogs staying in our king or queen suites for 7 or more nights. A nominal fee may be charged if your pet has matted or extra-long hair.

  • 26 Queen Suites are 25 sq. ft. each
  • 6 King Suites are full height and 28 sq. ft. each for tall or extra-large dogs

Canine Luxury Suites

Our five private, room-like luxury suites are 48 sq. ft. each, include cable TV. Each individually themed suite offers a lakeside view along with cozy bedding and access to our outdoor, grassy, exercise area four times a day. Our Luxury suits also include a “turn down” service in the evening with a special treat. A soothing bath will be given to all dogs staying in our luxury suites for 7 or more nights at no charge. A nominal fee may be charged if your pet has matted or extra-long hair.

Vaccination Requirements for Dogs

In order to safely board your dogs, we require current Distemper/Parvo Combination (or current adequate titers) and Rabies vaccination. Bordetella vaccination and negative fecal within 6 months is also required. If vaccinations are not current, we recommend they be given at least a week prior to boarding to allow your pets immune system time to process the vaccinations.

Cat Condos

All cat accommodations are indoor with a lakeside view. Spacious, glass front enclosures enable cats to look outside. Piped-in music and an air purification system help create a very pleasant atmosphere, away from the barking dogs for a relaxing vacation! A complimentary brush out will be given to all cats staying for 7 or more days of boarding.

Additional playtime or grooming is available upon request during your cat’s stay with us.

Vaccination Requirements for Cats

For us to safely board your cats, we require FVRCP (Upper Respiratory Combination), or current adequate titers, Rabies vaccination witihn 1 year, and negative fecal within 6 months. Vaccinations must be given at least two weeks prior to boarding to allow the cat’s immune system time to process the vaccinations.

Doggie Daycare

Tired of worrying what your precious pooch is doing while you’re away from the house? Ever feel guilty about leaving your four-legged family member home alone all day? Are you just too tired to play with Fido after a long day at work? Well here’s the answer...

Timberlane Pet Hospital & Resort’s Doggie Daycare Service!!

Day care for dogs has been shown to help reduce separation anxiety in our canine friends. And dogs that attend doggie day care show fewer signs of stress. It’s no wonder with all the running and playing they do during the day. They’re just all tuckered out when they get home! Weather its playing tug-of-war with a friend or taking a dip in our doggie pool, your pet is sure to have a great time!!

What are the Benefits of our doggie daycare service for your dog?

  • Supervised play time.
  • Socialization with other dogs and people.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise.
  • Mischievous behavior deterrent.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your best friend is well cared for and not sitting home bored.
  • Dogs must be Spayed or Neutered to Participate and pass a Preliminary Interview.
  • Dogs must be non-aggressive towards food, people, pets and toys.
  • Dogs must have current vaccinations.

You can print the Doggie Daycare Registration packet here.

Pickup and Drop-off Times

You may pick-up or drop-off your pets for boarding at any time during normal business hours.
For a nominal fee of $17.00 per family, special arrangements can be made to pick-up or drop-off your pet(s) on Sunday afternoon’s between the hour of 4:00-5:00pm only. You must arrange for this special pick-up or drop-off time when you place your boarding reservation.

New Client Boarding Policy

A 50% deposit is required for all new clients planning to board with us for 5 days or longer.

Resort Rates

Our prices depend on the level of service you desire for your pet. Whatever package you choose, you can rest assured that your pet will be well taken care of in our resort-style accommodations.

If you need pricing information or you'd like to schedule your pet's stay, give us a call us at 813-754-7387 - and be sure to ask about our additional amenities and services!

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